Pan Card Link to Aadhar

Pan Card Link to Aadhar and Pan Card Aadhar Card Link

Linking of PAN card is very important in today's time. So friends, I will tell you this day and teach you that you will tell your Pan Card Link to Aadhar in full detail, so let's understand how you will link your PAN card and Aadhar card.
link pan with Aadhar card
link pan with Aadhar card
So friends, first of all, you must be over 18 years of age and you must have a PAN card, so if you have both these things, then PAN card will be added to your Aadhaar card, if you read our post carefully then meditation. Read from

Friends, I will share as I have and if you have followed me today, then 100% of your work will be done today, then let's start.

You can do it on your mobile or laptop or computer, by reading this post of ours, now I tell you step 2 people.

Step 1 - Open (Google) in your mobile or computer, as you see Google open in the photo below, you can also open it first.
Step 2 - Now write in Google, press Income Tax and Google Search.Google search
Google in Search Income Tax

Step 3 - After that in Step 3, now you find what you see after searching above, click on the first number search on it. Now look carefully at the photo you see below and you will see that the option of Aadhaar link is also visible on it. Now you just have to press on it.

income tax website in link pan card to Aadhar card

 link Aadhar to Pan Card

४ Step - If you have looked carefully above, then it will be written that you have to press LInk Aadhar on it, then now you will see something like that which you see in the photo given below.

link pan card to aadhar card form
Step 5 - Now if you look up, then something is asking about you. Whatever you are asking about you, all of you see from your Aadhaar card and PAN card and you have to fill it correctly, so let me tell you in more detail below.

Read carefully: -
1. First of all, see the PAN card number and write it in the first box.
2. Now you should fill the correct number by looking at the Aadhaar card number of 12 of your Aadhaar card.
3. In the third box, see your name as it is written in the Aadhar card and write it on it.
4. Now number four is asking you that your Aadhaar card is -

Your year in it (19,19,2000) If it is written only in your Aadhaar card, then you check that box.
If your birth date is on your Aadhar card - 5 August 1949, if it is written like this, then you do not need to correct that box.
5. Now below you will see an I Agree written like this, correct that box.

4. Now you will see a captcha code below, meaning that you will see a small photo in which you will find the logo written like something ABCD or 123, you will see the same thing as a box below the tit to write it like ABCD above or 123 After seeing the same thing written, write it down.

Now you do not need anything, now your work will be done, only after filling you up completely, you have to press the LINK AADHAR button. Now your form will run with the government and within 24 hours your PAN card will be connected to the Aadhaar card. Now what are you looking for, clap your work

Pan Aadhar Link Status Check (How to know if PAN card is linked with Aadhar card)

So from the back you come back to the page shown below and now you will see the button click here at the top and press on it.

pan aadhar link status check
Look at the photo above, in which you have been told that you have to press, after that now you have given a photo below and see it aadhar or pan card check
1. In the first box, you give your PAN card number.

2. Put the Aadhaar card number in the second box.

3. Press View Link above Aadhar Status.

Watch Below this Video More Easyly Understand How to Link Pan with Aadhar Card

Watch Till End to Understand
By doing this, you will know whether the PAN card is added to your Aadhaar card.

So friends, how have you liked this information of ours, please tell us by commenting below and share this post with your friends so that they can also be helped by reading it.

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